Living Our Mission

Drug Plastics believes that pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and lifestyle product packaging should be functional, easy to use, safe, and have repeatable consistent quality. In fact, we are so committed to the concept that these four attributes are at the core of our mission. When we design, develop, and manufacture plastic bottles and closures, nothing less is acceptable.

We instill these four mission attributes in our employees from day one, and we reinforce them throughout our company every day. Our customers know they will receive plastic bottles and closures that are virtually perfect every time – helping them grow their business. That is important to us. Here is an in-depth look at our four attributes and some examples of how they contribute to our mission.

Engineering Room

Design Functionality

We define Functionality as whether a design works and helps the users meet their goals and needs.

We design our bottles and closures to function properly and meet strict pharmaceutical packaging requirements. There are a few aspects to consider in the design phase to make bottles and closures functional:

  • Is the product light sensitive and does it need protection from UV rays?
  • What type of product goes inside the package: is it a liquid, cream, or tablet?
  • What wall thickness is needed to ensure the product is adequately protected by the bottle?
  • What bottle shape will work best for the product? Round, Square, Oval, Oblong, or Cylinder?
  • Does the product require packaging that is child resistant?

These questions will help determine which material is used to make the bottle. High Density Polypropylene (HDPE), Low Density Polypropylene (LDPE), and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) are the main types of plastic used to make bottles. For example, if a product dispenses by squeezing the bottle, it is best to use an LDPE bottle. LDPE is more pliable than HDPE or PET, and is a good packaging choice for creams and ointments. We work with our customers to provide solutions to their packaging challenges, and design bottles and closures for optimum functionality.

Although Drug Plastics has a wide variety of stock bottles and closures, we also realize that one of our standard bottles or closures will not work for every application. That is why we offer custom design services. Our experienced team assists our customers to design and develop the right bottle and closure combination for their specific product. We also work to identify and address any special circumstances like filling line issues, specific regulatory issues, brand requirements, or other special needs in the design process.

Ease of Use

 We define Ease of Use as how much effort it takes to use the product.

A key element of packaging design is how easy it is for the end user to open, dispense, and close the packaging. To make plastic packaging easier to use we consider things such as:

  • Resin material: as mentioned previously, determining the correct resin type for the product is important. We help our customers make this determination every day. For example, does the bottle need to be squeezable? LDPE is likely the best choice here. Is it necessary to see the contents inside the bottle? PET bottles are transparent, so PET is the right choice in this instance. How about a moisture or gas barrier protection? Perhaps the product needs protection from light transmission for product stability. For these situations, HDPE bottles are most likely the right choice. We can help you select the resin material that is best for your product.

  • Neck diameter of the bottle: the product inside the bottle helps to determine the right type and style of bottle. For instance, a narrow bottleneck is better for dispensing liquids, so a taller bottle with a narrow neck diameter would be the right choice. A jar with a wide-mouth opening is better for creams because it is easier for consumers to get their hand inside a jar with a wide opening.
  • Closure instructions: select a closure that provides opening and closing instructions right on the closure. Drug Plastics offers Child Resistant Closures that have text and/or pictorial instructions that clearly identify how to open the product. This makes it easy for consumers to understand how to open and close their medications.


We define Safety as the state or condition of avoiding danger or harm.

At Drug Plastics, safety comes from our commitment to high quality product manufacturing standards we have in place. We manufacture all of our products to meet strict regulatory requirements, and every product is ASTM-tested. We manufacture every product with FDA-approved raw materials, sourced and manufactured in the USA, and we manufacture all of our bottles and closures at one of our eight manufacturing facilities across the country. Our products meet the highest quality standards. You can rest easy.

Conversely, raw materials and plastic bottles and closures sourced or made overseas may have impurities in the resin that can leach into your product. Proper documentation may not be available, and the materials may not comply with FDA regulations. Using products under these circumstances could cause regulatory issues, problems with product integrity, and affect your bottom line.

We also incorporate important safeguards into our manufacturing lines that prevent defects. In addition, these safeguards protect our customers’ products and their brand identity. Manufacturing line safeguards and in our processes include:

  • Vision and metal detection to prevent contaminants
  • Leak detection to prevent holes and other deformities that protect the contents on filling lines
  • Rigorous visual and dimensional inspections throughout our manufacturing process

Defects in plastic bottles and closures can cause serious damage to the product inside and our customer’s profitability. We have engineered our manufacturing to ensure that our products are safe, resulting in virtually perfect bottles every time. Learn how to identify the types of defects that can happen in plastic packaging here.

Child resistance is a key safety element. If your product must meet child safety standards, we offer a variety of child resistant closure options, like our SecuRx® Child Resistant Closures, which are Push and Turn two-part closures. Another popular option is a our one-part Snap Cap Closure. Both of these closures provide exceptional child resistance. If your product needs a child resistant closure that provides the same level of child resistance, but is easier to use for seniors and those with finger mobility issues, consider our exclusive Pop & Click Packaging Technology.

Repeatable Quality


We define Repeatable quality as a consistent measurement getting the same result again and again.

When purchasing plastic bottles and closures, it is important to have consistency in shape, size, color, and volume, just to name a few. Variations in these areas can cause problems on a filling line, resulting in additional costs and manufacturing time to fix the issue. Inconsistent products also affect profitability and brand confidence. Our customers know that every order will have the same repeatable quality as the order before it, and the order after it. They know that our bottles and closures will run efficiently on their filling lines, and will maintain the quality standards we promise.

Repeatable quality also translates to our exceptional customer service. Our team commits to being responsive and dedicated to getting questions answered quickly every time. We treat our customers with respect and integrity because we care about their business and ensure they get exactly what they need on time and on budget. Every time.

Plastic Bottles and Closures You can Trust

Your packaging project is important. We understand. Sub-par bottles and closures will not function properly, will not be easy to use, will not provide a high level of protection for your product and your bottom line, and will not have consistent repeatable quality order after order. When you work with us, you will see what high quality packaging looks like and how it can protect your brand and improve your bottom line.

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