SecuRx® Child Resistant and Senior-Friendly Closures

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SecuRx Child Resistant Closures are two-piece, lined closures that can be removed from a bottle by simultaneously pushing down and turning the closure. Application is just as easy – simply turn the closure clockwise on the bottle threads like a standard continuous thread closure. SecuRx closures keep prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins and supplements, as well as liquids and edibles, secure and out-of-reach of children. Even with high marks for child resistance, SecuRx closures are easy to use for adults and seniors with limited finger mobility.

SecuRx Features:

  • All SecuRx Closures are manufactured with materials suitable for food packaging applications meeting FDA regulations*
  • Less application torque needed on filling lines
  • Ramp design is unbreakable
  • No need for high application torque to engage the child resistant mechanism
  • SecuRx Closures can be removed without a gripping action (palm and turn)

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SecuRx Closures are an excellent choice to complete your product packaging. Whether you need a child resistant closure for a pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, or lifestyle product, we have a SecuRx closure to fit your needs.

SecuRx Child Resistant Closures

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*Drug Master File may be obtained from Drug Plastics. Test results available upon request.

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