ISO Certification Benefits Drug Plastics Customers

We commit to continuously improve our plastic bottle and closure manufacturing processes and quality systems, and our employees ensure that our customers never receive anything unexpected. Achieving ISO 15378 certification under a globally recognized accredited program demonstrates our dedication to these standards.

What Is ISO Certification?

ISO Certification is an approval seal from a 3rd party that a company is operating according to one of the internationally recognized ISO management systems. The certification serves as proof of a company’s credibility and can also instill confidence that a company will keep its promises. Specifically, ISO 15378 deals with the primary packaging materials for medicinal products.

What’s the Benefit to You?

We understand your expectations: you want consistent, high-quality plastic packaging so you can control costs, manage risk, and maintain a strong brand image for your customers. Our goal is to make perfect bottles and closures, every time, no exceptions. This means that we deliver predictable, repeatable quality each and every day.

In addition to our adherence to cGMP manufacturing standards, ISO 15378 certification signals to our customers that we increase our credibility and instill higher confidence in our brand. Substantial procedures at our manufacturing facilities are in place to manage costs, reduce waste, and prevent manufacturing errors, ensuring that the plastic bottles and closures you receive will be consistent every time.

Reinforcing Our Commitment to Producing Top Quality Packaging

Drug Plastics identifies ways we can improve our manufacturing processes by meeting important industry certifications, like ISO 15378. Packaging defects, production delays, or other problems can compromise your product and your profitability. We engineer these situations out of our manufacturing systems so we can provide you with outstanding plastic packaging.

We treat you right by manufacturing quality products and delivering responsive and dependable service. We design and manufacture every bottle and closure to help you enable people to live healthier, safer, and happier lives. It’s what you expect. In fact, it’s our promise.

To learn more about ISO 15378 and how it benefits your business,  call one of our knowledgeable team members at 610-367-5000.

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