Our Commitment to Providing Premium Products and Services

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Every product we offer is designed and manufactured to assist our customers with their mission of helping people live healthier lives. Promising perfection is a big responsibility, but one that assures our customers’ products will be protected and safe to use. Despite having eight locations to meet the needs of our wide-ranging clientele, we have never forgotten our roots as a small family-owned bottle and closure company. Whether it’s your first time working with us or you’re still considering our services, we look forward to building a lasting relationship with you. It’s our promise to deliver each order with five key tenets in mind, every time.

Responsiveness: You’ll get what you need quickly.

Courtesy: You’ll be treated in a respectful, friendly manner.

Integrity: We’ll have your best interests, and those of your customers, in mind.

Dependability: We’ll do what we say we’ll do.

Perfection: You’ll receive perfect plastic bottles and closures every time.

Eight Ways We Create Perfect Packaging

Diverse Resin Options:  HDPE, LDPE, PP, and PET

Extensive Closure Liner Options:  Pulp, Foam, and Heat Induction

Custom Color Matching: Choose stock colors or match a PMS

Custom Closure Printing: Print text in the color of your choice on the closure

Packaging Consulting: Step-by-step guidance and advice for healthcare, wellness, and lifestyle brands

Custom Bottle and Closure Development: Engineering, CAD design, and testing

Mold Fabrication: Prototypes and multi-cavity production molds

Multiple Manufacturing Options:  Injection Molding, Injection Blow Molding, Injection Stretch Blow Molding, and Extrusion Blow Molding


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