Use our HDPE and PET Jar Family for Brand Consistency

Maintaining brand consistency for your products has a big impact on your bottom line. It is important to understand that packaging plays a huge role. In fact, the packaging you select influences consumer decisions to buy your products, and instills confidence in your brand. When you want to offer different quantities of your product, selecting secure and consistent packaging is a top priority. You want packaging that is versatile, but does not require big changes on your production line.

Our family of HDPE and PET Jars could be the solution. These jars are ideal for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and lifestyle brands that package solid dose medications, powders, ointments, gels, creams, and edibles.

Consistent look for different quantities.

The jars offer a consistent look for different product quantities: they are available in three sizes: 75cc, 120cc, and 230cc. Our exclusive 53mm SecuRx® Child Resistant Closure works with all sizes, and provides brand consistency for your product line. So offering your product in multiple sizes is easy.

Maximize filling line efficiencies.

Each jar has a uniform diameter and a 53mm neck finish. Dimensional similarities eliminate the need for costly changeovers for closures and require no changes to filling line rails.

Tamper evident security is built in.

The molded shrink band bead creates a tamper evident security feature when the jar is shrink wrapped to the closure. Optional heat induction liner is available as a tamper evident feature. Rest assured that these versatile jars will keep your product secure.

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