GripMax™ Plastic Closures Make Opening Bottles Easier

Drug Plastics is currently developing the GripMax™ Text Top Child-Resistant Closure. GripMax is built on our industry-leading SecuRx® technology.

Every GripMax Closure consists of a polypropylene SecuRx Closure which is then bound with a TPE coating on the exterior surface. The exterior surface is fully coated except for a small band near the bottom of the closure and the text on the top.

Role of Thermoplastic Elastometers

Thermoplastic Elastometers (or TPEs) have physical properties which are similar to latex, silicone, or rubber. They are widely used to create highly comfortable coatings on items where extra grip is needed. TPEs can be found on everything from hammers to hairbrushes.

We believe TPE is an excellent choice for improving grip on plastic closures because of its ease of molding and its acceptance in the health and medical communities.

Impact on Consumers

The improved GripMax Closure allows seniors and those with lower hand strength to easily open the closure. This packaging advantage will help your product stand out in the crowd.

Additionally, GripMax Closures are available in bicolored designs, which is a unique opportunity within the packaging industry. The SecuRx™ closure can be one color and the TPE coating can be another color. GripMax  is currently designed to be 45 mm in size.

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