5 Ways Drug Plastics Supports Your Business

Creating trusted products and satisfying customers is at the heart of any successful business. However, there are many companies that don’t deliver quality products. Most of us have purchased products that looked good or were inexpensive, only to be disappointed with their functionality and quality.

We also know that many companies don’t make an exceptional customer experience a priority. Everyone has experienced sub-par customer service. For example: if an order is incorrect, backordered, or damaged in shipment, it can be days before a satisfactory response is received. It’s so frustrating. In order to deliver an exceptional customer experience, companies need to produce reliable products and responsive customer service when there’s an issue. Bottom line – this isn’t always the case.

The same is true for plastic packaging manufacturers. There are manufacturers who do not produce top quality products, and that negatively impacts your bottom line. Exceptional customer service is also not prioritized as a company goal at some businesses. This can leave you wondering if you are dealing with the right manufacturer.

Drug Plastics is a different type of plastic packaging manufacturer. Our top priority is delivering superior products that perform flawlessly and  support your company’s bottom line.

We design functionality, ease of use, safety, and consistent repeatable quality into every product we make. We also back our products with an exceptional customer experience. No matter the request, our team is committed to delivering a quick response and an acceptable solution.

Here’s how we provide exceptional products and services, benefiting our customers every day with less risk to their business.

5 Ways We Help Protect Your Bottom Line

Processes that eliminate defects and produce consistent quality products: if plastic bottles and closures have defects, numerous problems can occur – many that can affect your bottom line. Processes that can cause defects are continuously being removed from our manufacturing lines.

We individually inspect our bottles for holes, deformed sealing surfaces, and other common defects using state-of-the-art technology. Vision systems also inspect 100% of our closures for up to 23 defects before packaging. These procedures ensure that our customers receive virtually perfect bottles and closures in every order.

FDA-Approved materials that are safe and contaminant-free: we only use FDA-approved raw materials that are produced in the US – period. Bottles and closures that are made with uncontrolled or non-FDA approved materials sourced from overseas, or if they are manufactured overseas, can contain impurities that leech or bleed into your product. Our products and our manufacturing plants also meet strict regulatory requirements for quality and safety. All of our products are also made in the US at one of our eight manufacturing sites.

Pre and post-sale support that is caring and responsive: our customers are important – and so are their customers. The customer service team at Drug Plastics is responsive, courteous, and works with integrity. We are committed to providing solutions for our customers, no matter what. If we don’t have the answer, we will find it and respond quickly. We don’t like to wait – you shouldn’t have to either.

Capabilities that can custom design the exact packaging you need: we offer custom design services for those situations when a stock or standard bottle just won’t do. We are often presented with a product that needs something special – from filling line requirements, regulatory labelling, neck finishes, bottle geometry – to light sensitivity needs and other packaging needs, our team helps design the perfect product packaging. We can even color match our bottles and closures to a specific PMS color to fit a brand identity.

Supply chain reliability that keeps your filling lines running: our relationships with material suppliers and our procurement strategies are robust and unique. We take raw material management seriously and we weather supply disruptions better than anyone. We are dedicated to producing and delivering bottles and closures on-time, every time.

Over the past 60 years, no material force majeure event ever caused Drug Plastics to run out of raw materials and other necessary items needed to fulfill our customer’s orders. As a result of all of these efforts, we have the most stable material supply chain in the plastic bottle and closure industry – and that means less risk for our customers.

A Proven Track Record

At Drug Plastics, supporting our customers is how we do business. We value our customers, their employees, and the end users of their products. The main function of plastic packaging is to keep the contents inside secure – that’s why purchasing high-quality packaging is so important. Why not work with a manufacturer who produces exceptional products, and who supports your business in these key areas? We know going the extra mile for our customers is the right thing to do.

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