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Creating Your Special Packaging

Sometimes a stock PET bottle, standard HDPE bottle, or an off-the-shelf plastic closure is not sufficient. What you really need is a custom plastic bottle or closure. At Drug Plastics, we understand that you may want your product to look special or perhaps there are filling equipment, regulatory, labeling, light sensitivity, or other packaging requirements which must be addressed. We’ll make it easy for you to get the perfect custom plastic bottle and closure for your product.

Understanding Your Requirements

We begin every custom plastic bottle or closure project with a single goal. We want to thoroughly understand what you want the pharmaceutical, supplement, or cannabis packaging to look like and what specifications it must meet. We call this requirement gathering. This step is a deep dive into qualitative and quantitative details. Capturing these details up front greatly facilitates an on-time, on-budget, and on-target custom plastic packaging solution.

Evaluating Initial Concepts

After the requirement gathering is complete and the information has been analyzed, there may be several ways to achieve the desired look and specifications of the custom plastic bottle or closure. As part of the process, we'll provide you with choices. We'll give you different options that could work for your needs and then you can tell us the best direction to move forward.

Selecting the Right Materials & Technology

As part of the process we'll work with you to select the right material to achieve the project objectives for aesthetics, chemical resistance, light transmission, etc. Our in-house engineering team will also ensure that the best technology is used to produce the plastic bottle or closure. Should it be blow molded or injection molded? Should it be made on IBM or EBM equipment? These questions, along with others, will be answered so the product is produced efficiently and to specifications.

Engineering to Integrate Flawlessly

Plastic bottles and closures must be engineered to work seamlessly with every operation of the packaging process. The closure must seal perfectly. The bottle must be designed to optimize any labeling or other filling requirements. The bottle and closure must function efficiently within the dimensional requirements of the specified filling operation. You can sleep easily knowing our experienced team of engineers will make sure these things happen seamlessly.

Designing the Perfect Form

Our in-house designers will create a detailed CAD product drawing outlining every critical dimension of the HDPE bottle, PET bottle, or plastic closure. We'll work with you to verify that we've covered every detail and then get your approval to proceed. This drawing will provide direction needed to create manufacturing molds and it will be a reference check to ensure each plastic bottle or closure we make meets this specification.

Crafting the Elemental Mold

Drug Plastics is proud to have its own mold-making facility. Our engineers design, fabricate, qualify, maintain, and repair our own molds. Our capabilities range from unit-cavity prototype molds through multi-cavity production molds. We build the highest precision tools using high-grade materials and proprietary technologies we have developed in-house. This ensures our molds produce consistent product, perform exceedingly well under high production demands, and provide a superior ROI for you.

Manufacturing to the Highest Standard

While most companies claim to make a quality product, few claim to make a perfect product. For years, we have said we are “A Family of Perfect Quality.” Rightfully so. Materials, equipment, and decades of process knowledge come together to create uniformity and unequaled consistency. That’s why each bottle and closure we produce within our manufacturing facilities is virtually perfect and identical. Every. Single. Time.

Ensuring Quality Throughout the Process

Not only are our manufacturing processes controlled and monitored to make plastic bottles and closures right the first time, we have backup inspection systems that inspect each bottle and closure. Error detection devices built into our production lines, random sampling and testing throughout the process, a dedicated Quality Control department which inspects random packaged product, all together ensure 100% conformity. We strive to make certain that you never receive anything unexpected.

Delivering Support & Service

Our commitment to you does not end when the product arrives on your dock. You can depend on us to get you the answers and assistance you need after the sale. We're here to make sure you are satisfied. As a manufacturer ourselves, we know that most companies claim to have great service, yet few actually rise to that level. We promise to continue to earn your business through being responsive and dependable.

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