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Rick Biesecker, CEO of Drug Plastics and Lissa Biesecker Longacre, President of Drug Plastics
Rick Biesecker, CEO and Lissa Biesecker Longacre, President

In the wake of COVID-19, it’s not “business as usual” for many companies around the nation and the world. Countless businesses across a variety of industries are facing an uncertain future. Because we manufacture and provide critical plastic packaging to our customers who supply life-saving medications and other items needed to fight the pandemic, Drug Plastics is deemed an essential business. This means that all of our manufacturing facilities continue to run as normal. And, we have procedures in place that ensure the safety and security of our employees who uphold our commitment to our customers daily.

You may have heard about our Humanity First Program. During a crisis, such as COVID-19, this program gives priority to life-saving medications and critical supplies needed to address the emergency. These packaging orders are moved to the front of the production line and are produced ahead of our regular orders to help fight this deadly disease.

Drug Plastics Humanity First program logoOrders that qualify for this program are those for drugs that are in clinical trials with the FDA, awaiting CDC approval, vaccines, medications that relieve major symptoms of a disease, and maintenance drugs for underlying conditions that provide alternate treatment methods for patients. In addition, orders for medications, like intubation drugs for ventilator patients, and protective supplies that are used to prevent contamination or disinfect contaminated surfaces also qualify.

We thank all of our customers for supporting our efforts through the Humanity First Program during these challenging times. For more information about the program and to see if your order qualifies, click here.

Contributing to Your Bottom Line – Every Day

Whether we’re in a crisis or not, our goal each and every day is to provide perfect plastic bottles and closures every time. You should have confidence that your pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and Manufacturing line of Drug Plastics plastic bottleslifestyle products are protected for your customers.

That’s why our dedicated employees consistently strive to deliver predictable, repeatable quality. Our team makes every effort to respond to customer needs quickly and effectively – providing the timely answers you require to make decisions for your business. This is how we’ve built trust and long-lasting relationships, which is especially important today as we navigate these uncertain times and the future.

We help you decide what plastic packaging option is right for your product. Although designing custom pharmaceutical pill bottles, supplement containers, and cannabis packaging is our specialty, we also have a large selection of stock bottles and closures available for when quick production-ready solutions are needed.

A True Packaging Partner for Today and Tomorrow

In today’s ever-changing market, it’s more important than ever to work with suppliers who have your best interest in mind. A plastic packaging manufacturer that wants to build a true partnership and knows the value of trust and can help your product stand out. At Drug Plastics, we realize that there is more to a relationship than just a financial transaction. We invest in our customer’s success and care about their businesses.

We can help you build brand recognition, instill trust and dependability in your packaging, and protect your products with safe and reliable packaging. Especially in these unprecedented times, you Group of Drug Plastics employeesneed to deliver a consistent message to help consumers gravitate towards your brand – even when they want to try something new.

Drug Plastics can help ensure that your packaging enhances your brand because we have engineered our manufacturing processes to focus on the highest quality requirements for each and every bottle and closure we manufacture. You want your packaging to be virtually perfect each and every time; you can have confidence knowing your packaging supplies are consistent.

Let’s face it, your brand identifies who you are, what your company stands for, and the integrity of your product. Quality plastic packaging from Drug Plastics will reinforce your standards and attract consumers to your product – consistently defining you as a quality provider with integrity in the marketplace.

We want to be your preferred plastic packaging partner. Let’s get started. Call 610-367-5000.

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