Welcome to Our Improved Website!

Change is good. In this case, change is great! We are happy to announce the launch of our new Drug Plastics website. We listened to feedback from our customers and made improvements to the product search filter functionality, page loading speed, product line identity, content quality, and the overall look of the site to give it a more modern feel.

Engaging with our customers daily through personal contact and through our website is important to us. It’s also vital that our customers find relevant content, helpful tools, and essential product information on our website that helps them make plastic packaging decisions that are right for their product. Here are a few improvement highlights that our customers will find helpful.

  • Improved Product Organization: We consolidated all of our bottles and closures under the product section, instead of differentiating between products used for different types of medications, vitamins and supplements, and lifestyle products. You will find all of our bottles and closures listed under our Products tab on the main navigation bar. On this tab, users can choose to filter by product form, or browse by category.

  • Product Relationships: We understand that sometimes it is difficult to know which products work together. That’s why we added bottle and closure relationships for all of our products. For instance, when viewing our 120cc Classic Series Wide-Mouth Round Bottle, we also list the compatible closures. It also applies to closures: we list the compatible bottles for our closures.

  • Innovation Spotlight: Located in the Resource Hub, the Innovation Spotlight section contains products that are Exclusive to Drug Plastics and those that are In Development. This is the page to visit if you are searching for innovative packaging solutions and recently introduced products.

  •  Sustainability and Customer Resources: We focus on improving our own sustainability and conserving natural resources for the future. This section details our efforts, our commitment to Social Responsibility, and explains what we are doing to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint. Read about our journey and explore the tools and resources we developed that can help you make a big impact on the environment.

Overall, site users will experience improved page loading, easier navigation, graphics that are more interesting, and updated content. We invite you to explore the new site and discover all the ways Drug Plastics can help you make the best packaging choices for your products.

Watch for future articles that go into more detail about specific features. If you have any questions, please reach out to a knowledgeable team member at 610-367-5000.

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