Use Less Plastic with Pop & Click™ Child Resistant Closures

You may be familiar with our exclusive Pop & Click Packaging Technology. Not only is the Pop & Click plastic closure unique with its fresh and modern design, but it is also an exceptional choice for environmental sustainability. Compared to a traditional 38mm push & turn CRC system, Pop & Click closures use almost 65% less plastic, offering the potential for significant source reduction.

Additional Benefits for Seniors

Pop & Click is more senior-friendly than other CRC systems. 86% of seniors tested rate it easier to open than other child resistant systems. Multiple hands-free opening and closing options make it a winner for seniors and those with limited finger mobility. More effective child resistance for safety, it passes full CPSC protocol with 100% effectiveness before demonstration and 98% effective after demonstration.

Bottles Available in Multiple Sizes and Styles

Pop & Click plastic bottles are available in multiple sizes and styles that work well with a broad range of products, varying quantities, and diverse brands. All bottles are ASTM-tested and are made from FDA-approved HDPE. The 38mm polypropylene closure contains an integral TPE liner that acts as a re-seal gasket and protects the contents from the external environment.

We take pride in developing new products and technology that not only help our customers but also positively impact our environment and reduce our reliance on natural resources.

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