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Our cylinders are available in several distinct categories, varying in size and capacity. Our Optic Cylinders, Adina® Cylinders, Cylindrical Vials, Prince Cylinders, Standard Cylinders, and Panelled Cylinders are ideal for pharmaceutical prescription and over-the-counter liquid medications, personal care and cosmetic products, and vitamin and lifestyle liquids. Tablets, capsules, softgels, gummies, and edibles work well in Pop & Click™ Cylinders, Pharmaceutical Cylinders, and Wide-Mouth Cylinders. Wide-Mouth Cylinders are also a popular packaging option for powders. We also offer a sleek Protective Carry Tube that is a great packaging choice for powders and flower. We manufacture our cylinders with FDA-approved and ASTM-tested traditional HDPE and PET resins depending on the style. We produce our entire product line right here in the USA.