Continuous Thread Closure Mold Types

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Unscrewing and Stripped are the two mold types used to manufacture Continuous Thread Closures. The differences occur in the molding process: when applied to a bottle finish, both function the same.

“Unscrewing” Closure Features:

  • Closure has lugs around the bottom of the skirt
  • Lugs enable the closure to be held in place while the “unscrewing” motion occurs, releasing the closure from the mold
  • Threads continue to the top inside of the closure
  • Liners are glued into the closure because the threads go to the top inside
  • Mainly used for small size closures

“Stripped” Closure Features:

  • No lugs on this closure – it is popped off or “stripped” from the mold
  • Threads end before the top inside of the closure, creating a well area
  • Liners are friction-fit inside because the well area and the threads hold the liner in place
  • Mainly used for larger size closures

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