Our Patented 38mm SecuRx® Dosage Cap™

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Deliver accurate, user-friendly liquid doses every time. Ideal for cough syrups, antacids, vitamins, antibiotics, cannabis, and more!

Hands stay clean, leaky messes are avoided.

The SecuRx Dosage Cap was designed to engineer out all the drips, leaks, and messes that typically happen when measuring liquids. Hands stay clean and it is super friendly to use.

Based on our proven SecuRx closure design.

The graduated measuring device is integrated into a 38mm SecuRx closure which provides proven, reliable child resistance.

Provides packaging flexibility.

The Dosage Cap will function securely on any plastic, glass, or aluminum bottle with a 38mm neck finish that has been tested and approved for usage with a standard SecuRx closure.

Never lose your measuring device again.

Because the integrated Dosage Cap resides inside the bottle, it won’t get lost. It is also more sanitary than measuring devices that gather dust and germs outside the bottle.

The SecuRx Dosage cap offers a child resistant and user-friendly way to accurately measure and dispense liquid medications

Measuring the correct dosage is quick and easy.

The Dosage Cap contains molded raised graduations between 10ml and 15ml. This allows for instant, accurate measurement of the dosage amount and helps you comply with established packaging and integrated dosage regulations.

Helps protect the integrity of the liquid content.

The Dosage Cap comes with a disk liner. This liner serves as a sealing gasket to protect the integrity of the contents and avoid leakage.

Effective tamper-evident security.

The Dosage Cap can be shrink-wrapped to the neck bead or the entire bottle to provide visual evidence of tampering. It’s also made from FDA-approved materials and passes CPSC and ASTM testing.

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