Achieve Greater Sustainability with Pop & Click™ Cylinder Packaging

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The unique design of our exclusive Pop & Click Packaging creates a “wow” factor and differentiates your brand from the competition. These innovative closures are child resistant for compliance and security. They have an easy-to-use closure system, especially for individuals who struggle with traditional CR closure systems.

Consistent look for different quantities.

Available in three sizes: 60cc, 100cc, and 120cc. The special 38mm finish allows the cylinders and closures to work together, creating a CPSC-approved child resistant container and providing brand consistency for your product line.

Supports source reduction.

Exclusive Pop & Click Closures are one-piece closures that use up to 65% less plastic than a comparable 38mm push and turn closure. When you use the entire Pop & Click system, plastic consumption is reduced over a similar cylinder with a push and turn closure.

More child resistant.

With 100% effectiveness before demonstration and 98% effectiveness after, Pop & Click packaging passed full CPSC child safety protocol with outstanding results. Rest easy knowing this packaging system is a proven deterrent to inquisitive children.

More senior-friendly.

86% of seniors tested rate Pop & Click packaging easier to open than other child resistant systems. Hands-free opening and closing options make Pop & Click a great choice for seniors and those with limited finger mobility.

Creates new excitement around your brand.

Pop & Click is an attention-getter. The unique look and novel way it opens differentiates your packaging from the competition. This creates new excitement around your brand and helps to attract more consumers.

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