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DPG Connect Blog

Looking for a recently published Drug Plastics newsletter article or specific information on our products and services? How about information on upcoming trade shows and events? Or, do you just want to learn more about us? This library contains our newsletter articles and website blogs – all in one place.

Exclusive Videos

Our videos take a deeper dive into individual products, with how-to examples and product specs. Rich in content and detail, the videos communicate information about our products in a visual format. Real world usage examples and product specs provide elements that help you decide if the packaging fits your needs.

Featured Innovations

Drug Plastics is continually developing innovative ways to solve our customers’ packaging challenges. Whether you are looking for child resistant closures that differentiate your product from the competition, accurate mess-free liquid dosing, or products made from planet-friendly resins that are more sustainable, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver. Learn more about our latest innovations.

Information Sheets

Our product and service flyers outline the features, benefits, and other pertinent information you need to know. Providing materials that are concise, easy to understand, and relevant is a key factor in helping you make the right packaging decisions for your products.

Published Journal Articles

At Drug Plastics, we think it’s important to share our over 50 years of experience. That’s why we partner with leading industry publications on relevant topics that can help our customers and other businesses. Scroll through the articles and check out trends and tips on a wide variety of subjects.

Sustainability Calculators

We are committed to sustainable solutions for our customers. Our sustainability calculators were developed to help you learn more about how simple changes can impact the carbon footprint of our planet. We invite you to explore these tools and join us in our efforts to become more sustainable and help save the environment for generations to come.