Premium LiveRight™ Nutraceutical Packaging

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Our LiveRight™ line of vitamin and supplement packaging is built upon 60 years of experience helping nutraceutical companies with complex regulatory and packaging challenges. That means we understand how to manage details – details that save you money. You can expect packaging solutions that increase your profitability, reduce your risk, and enhance your brand.


Custom Packaging Design and Manufacturing

We understand your vitamin or supplement product is special and that you want it to stand out. Our team helps create the perfect packaging while adhering to strict regulatory requirements.


Low Order Quantities

Purchase what you need. We’ll work with you on the quantity needed for each situation. Short runs available for low volume products. Case quantities available.


Attention to Detail Lowers Costs

We manufacture plastic bottles and closures designed to help you avoid any defect or problem that reduces your profitability. We dedicate ourselves to delivering relentless consistency.


Materials You Can Trust

FDA-approved resin, colorant, and liner materials on every order. ASTM-tested products mean total compliance with no surprises.

View our full product line of LiveRight™ bottles, closures, and fitments. For more information, speak with a knowledgeable team member immediately at 610-367-5000.

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