Premium FreeStyle™ Lifestyle Packaging

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Our FreeStyle™ line of lifestyle packaging is built upon 60 years of experience helping pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies navigate complex regulatory and packaging challenges. We can do the same for your company. We’ll help you navigate and comply with an increasingly regulated industry. You can expect packaging solutions that increase your profitability, reduce your risk, and enhance your brand.

Custom Lifestyle Packaging Design and Manufacturing

We understand your product is special and that it needs to stand out. Our team helps create the perfect packaging to differentiate your lifestyle product from the competition while adhering to changing regulations and requirements.

Plastic lifestyle Packaging Made in the USA

All of our plastic bottles and closures are manufactured here in the USA. We’re proud to provide local jobs, support families, and build stronger American communities.

Advanced Recylcing

Sustainable Resin Options

Advanced Recycling is a game-changing process for sustainable packaging. Post-consumer waste is used along with several other feedstock sources to generate identical ethylene molecules that create new batches of a current specified virgin resin.

Materials You Can Trust

FDA-approved resin, colorant, and liner materials are used for every order. Our ASTM-tested products mean total compliance with no surprises.

View our FreeStyle™ line of products specifically designed for the lifestyle industry. For more information, speak with a knowledgeable team member at 610-367-5000.

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