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Drug Plastics & Glass Company is committed to Continuous Quality Improvement in meeting the requirements of customers, co-workers and the environment.

Continuous Quality Improvement means recognizing who the customers are, understanding what their requirements are, and meeting those requirements without error - on time, every time.

All our policies and procedures are based on current Good Manufacturing Practices. All manufacturing facilities are formally audited for cGMP requirements twice annually. Our methods of manufacturing are outlined in our Bottle Drug Master File, #1933 and our Closure Drug Master File, #12877. Our production department follows our approved procedures without deviation.

Drug Plastics maintains active Drug Master Files with the FDA in Washington, D,C. These files, #1933 (bottles) and #12877 (closures), contain product specifications, quality requirements, product drawings and a variety of additional technical data.

In order to request access to our Drug Master Files, please send a fax or e-mail, containing your company's name and address and the contact person's name, to your Field Sales Representative or Customer Service Representative.

Drug Plastics enjoys "Certified Vendor" status with more than a dozen national and international corporations. Our experience extends to pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement, health and beauty aids, and cosmetic companies. While each of these programs are as varied as the companies that created them, they have all been rewarding learning experiences.

If you're considering embarking on a certification program, we have a team ready to meet with you and better understand the structure and goals of the program. If you're interested in learning more about certification programs, we can supply your team with a general outline of a "typical" program.

Many of the containers manufactured by Drug Plastics are in compliance with standards set by the United States Pharmacopoeia. Additionally, we have on file USP test results for more than 100 different bottles. If you're interested in receiving test results or having a proprietary item tested, please contact your Drug Plastics Account Representative or Customer Service Representative.