A Family of Perfect Quality Bottlemakers

Stock Closure Guide

  Continuous Thread Closures
Product 24-410 28-400 28-410 28-480 33-400 38-400 38-430 45-400 53-400 63-400 89-400 110-400
Ribbed Skirt w/Smooth Top   X   X X X   X X X X  
Ribbed Skirt w/Matte Top X   X       X         X
Smooth Skirt w/Smooth Top         X X   X X      

  Specialty Products
Product 13mm 18mm 24mm 28mm 33mm 38mm 45mm 53mm 63mm 89mm
Securx® Text - Push & Turn CRC     X X X X X X X X
Securx® Pictorial - Push & Turn CRC     X X X X        
Thumble Ezy® - Dispensing           X X X    
Snap CRC - Line Up The Arrows CRC         X X        
Apothecary           X        
Spray Tip*   X                
Spray Cap   X                
Dropper Tip X X                
Dropper Cap   X                
Orifice Reducer     X              
Squeeze & Turn CRC Pictorial Top       X            

* Spray tips include tubes in 3 available sizes 4.040" - 4.098" - 4.845"

It is the responsibility of the end-user to perform all required testing and evaluations necessary to determine the suitability of Drug Plastics Closures, Inc. closure for a particular application.