A Family of Perfect Quality Bottlemakers

Top Seal Renamed Drug Plastics Closures: January 01, 2007

Drug Plastics and Glass Company, Inc. applies name to Closure Division.
DPC positions itself to create a paradigm shift in closure manufacturing quality levels.

Boyertown, PA - Drug Plastics and Glass Company, Inc. is announcing the renaming of its closure manufacturing division. Drug Plastics Closures, Inc. (DPC), formerly Top Seal Corporation, aims to redefine the closure manufacturing industry within the global healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. DPC inherits Drug Plastics' 44 year old Continuous Quality Improvement policy of understanding who the customers are, what their requirements are, and the commitment to meeting those requirements without error, on time, every time.

By combining DPG and DPC efforts, the worldwide healthcare and pharmaceutical industries will have available bottles and closures manufactured under strict cGMP guidelines within SPI and CMA standards. Perfect quality product will be assured with the aid of a central Computer Integrated Manufacturing System, clean room assembly capability, vision systems, and 100% online quality inspections.

The name Drug Plastics has long been known to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries as a high quality supplier of bottles. Global pharmaceutical companies have relied on Drug Plastics to supply them with perfect quality products with outstanding service. The name change culminates in founder and CEO Fred Biesecker's vision of providing the complete primary plastic package to worldwide pharmaceutical customers who require superior quality and service.

DPG and DPC operate eight strategically located manufacturing sites. Among the over 1,000 items offered, DPG offers the industry's largest Widemouth Pharmaceutical Round bottle family ranging from 23cc to 6,000cc, along with Widemouth Pharmaceutical Squares and Oblongs.

Drug Plastics Closures (DPC) offers the industry's largest SecuRx ® push and turn child resistant and senior friendly closure family ranging from 24mm to 89 mm. DPC also offers a full line of continuous thread closures as well as other patented designs including Snap CRCs (line up the arrows child resistant closures), Apothecary (CT closures) and ThumbleEzy® (dispensing closures).