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SecuRx® Passes Child Resistant Protocol: APRIL 16, 2001

Top Seal Corporation's SecuRx® Child-Resistant Closure Scores Perfect
100% Senior Adult Usage Effectiveness Protocol Rating

Boyertown, PA - Drug Plastics & Glass Co., Inc.'s newly acquired Top Seal Corporation recently scored a perfect 100% compliance rating for its line of SecuRx® Child-Resistant Closures. The testing was conducted by an independent laboratory for compliance with current child-resistant packaging regulations. The Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970, as amended in 1996, mandated the Consumer Product Safety Commission to develop standards of testing for packaging of regulated products. Tested products must be able to demonstrate the packaging system to be both resistant to the inquisitive hands of children, yet friendly to the elderly or those with severe arthritis.

For the first known time in the history of said testing, a child-resistant closure passed protocol with a perfect score of 100. The perfect score greatly surpassed the minimum composite protocol score requirement of 80.

The Top Seal SecuRx® CRC achieved a perfect score in the Senior-Friendly portion of the testing, as well as being 99% effective in the child-resistant portion of testing. Only one child in a hundred was able to access contents of the test package (due to adult re-secure failure). An astounding 100% of seniors successfully opened the package, with 1st and 2nd opening times well under ten seconds.

The Top Seal SecuRx® CRC's are currently offered in the 33mm to 45mm range with several lining options, as well as availability for personalization with embossing, printing and engraving. The SecuRx® closure line is in the process of being expanded to include 24mm, 28mm and 53mm offerings. Additional information and product samples can be obtained by contacting Top Seal Corporation at 480-281-4100.

For further information go to info@DrugPlastics.com