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Clean Room

Drug Plastic's is Certified for Your Company's Clean Room Requirements

The company you have always trusted for perfect quality bottles, on time, every time now has the capability of producing the highest grade bottles in accordance with US Federal Standard 209E Class 100,000 airborne particulate cleanliness standards.

Since 1963, Drug Plastics & Glass has taken great pride in our vast product offering, exceptional quality and knowledgeable sales staff. In keeping with our commitment to continuous quality improvement, DPG is now equipped with a clean room area that is in compliance with even the most strict pharmaceutical packaging standards.

Every six months, DPG employs an independent evaluation team to measure Clean Room air quality, under normal "operational" conditions. This comprehensive testing ensures our customers that room particulate concentration shall not exceed the classification for .5 micron or larger (or your company's specification).

Drug Plastics & Glass is capable of producing bottles in HDPE, LDPE, Polypropylene or PETE using existing mold selections. If your particular application requires a specialty design, DPG's experienced engineering team is available to meet your needs.

Please contact your Drug Plastics & Glass Sales Representative for further information or data on our offering of Clean Room products.

Drug Plastics & Glass is committed to continuous quality improvement in meeting the requirements of customers, co-workers, and the environment. Continuous quality improvement means understanding who the customers are, what the requirements are, and meeting those requirements without error, on time, every time.