A Family of Perfect Quality Bottlemakers

The Drug Plastics Way

We are committed to our customers. We must understand who our customers are, what their requirements are, and meet those requirements on time, every time, without error. We must deliver to them packaging that maintains the integrity of their products. In order to provide value to them, we must strive to reduce costs, improve quality and develop innovative new products.

All of us, as co-workers at Drug Plastics, have a responsibility to each other. We must treat each other with respect and recognize our value as individuals. Our working conditions must be clean, orderly, and safe. Employees should feel secure in their jobs and be compensated fairly. Employees must feel free to make suggestions and participate in discussions to help make improvements and accomplish corporate objectives. We must conduct ourselves in an ethical manner with regard to one another, with a sense of fairness to everyone. All of us must be responsible for the care and keeping of the company.

We are responsible for the care of the environment and to the communities in which we live and work. We must be a responsible corporate citizen, and support good works and charities in these communities. We must use all resources wisely and seek to use renewable sources of energy. We must manufacture safe recyclable and recycled packages, and help create a cleaner, safer environment.

We must be responsible to our future. Our management must be competent, just and insightful. We must continually improve and endeavor to exceed expectations in everything we do. We must make a fair profit and continue to reinvest in our business. We must practice fiscal conservancy and maintain adequate capital reserves for times of economic challenges. When we do these things well, and operate according to these beliefs, the prosperity of our Drug Plastics family will be realized.